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The History of Magic Ice

Magic Ice’s exciting history began its exciting journey in 2002 when the mother company Magic North was asked to host the world launch of Volvo’s new S60.
In the winter of 2002, Volvo invited 700 journalists from around the world to this huge artic event for the Volvo S60 AWD launch. As a part of Volvo’s launch Magic North presented a spectacular program offering many exciting activities. One of these was a visit inside an ice hotel, which was a great success. That day planted the seed of desire to build a permanent ice gallery.

Year 2004: Magic Ice, Norway (Svolvær) Established

Life in the northern part of Norway forms the framework of the Magic Ice, Norway experience. Surrounded by birds, fish and boats sculpted in ice, visitors sense the toil and delights of fishermen and Norwegian culture both past and present. Opening in March 2004, the grand opening was hosted by Winter Olympic President and IOC member Gerhard Heiberg. Magic Ice in Norway was awarded “best tourist attraction” in Lofoten in 2008.

Year 2010: Magic Ice Ice Carving School, Magic Ice UAB Lt Established

Magic Ice recruits the most talented university-degreed artists from around the world to study at Magic Ice Ice Carving School. Their ice sculpting education is led by world-renowned ice artist Kestutes Musteikes. Musteikes is also one of the owners of Magic Ice and has been with the company from its establishment.

Year 2012: Magic Ice St. Thomas Established

In St. Thomas, Magic Ice is focused on the Caribbean’s rich history. Here you glimpse into the “Golden Age of Piracy”, complete with a bar that is shaped to resemble a sunken pirate ship. There is a beautiful chapel made of ice, life-sized sculptures of famous Caribbean icons such as Queen Charlotte Amalie and King Frederick, Bob Marley and many pirates. One of the most entertaining aspects of the gallery is an ice slide, which is not only popular with children but with adults as well.

Magic Ice St. Thomas’ January 2012 opening was hosted by the Governor of the US Virgin Islands, Governor John P. deJongh. Magic Ice is the Trip Advisor #1 rated attraction in St. Thomas among over 230 attractions and activities on the island and was 1 of 3 world nominees for the world Most Innovative Shore Excursions of the Year Award in 2012.

Year 2014: Magic Ice, Oslo (April 1.)

Welcome to an enchanted atmosphere, a magical adventure! You will find Magic Ice Located in the heart of downtown Oslo near Grand Hotel and Hotel Bristol

Inside you will find of course a fantastic Ice Bar, but you will also find some of the most popular, renowned or famous artists from Norway. One of them is Norway’s most popular artist; he was a painter, lithographer, etcher, and wood engraver. He is looked upon as one of the most significant influences on the development of German and Central European expressionism. His convulsed and tortuous art was formed by the misery and conflicts of his time, and, even more important, by his own unhappy life. Childhood tragedy, intense and dramatic love affairs, alcoholism, and ceaseless traveling are reflected in his works