A New Quality Theme-Based Entertainment Concept for Women Tourists

THE VIRGIN CEREMONY takes place in St. Thomas

The owner of the, NEW “WOW” attraction Magic Ice (opening in January 2012), Kirsten Marie Holmen has developed a brand new concept with the Event Title:

King of the Virgins (launched at the Secret Harbour on Wed. 16 November at 1230 pm)

One of Kirsten’s companies, Top of Europe Cruise, is a division of Magic North, Inc.

Top of Europe Cruises is a company dedicated to the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Congress, and Events Industry). Kirsten has decades of experience in organizing tailor-made programs for the corporate market, as well as creating customized shore excursions for the cruise market. Her major asset is the extensive travel industry and business contacts networks that she has gathered internationally.

Kirsten will present the new “King of the Virgins” concept as a fun-filled “fantasy” experience for women cruise tourists. Set on the beach, and based on a theatrically-themed event and expressly designed for individual customer participation and involvement. Once all participating women are registered, they are then ushered to the “stage area” (aka the “Throne Pavilion”), and arranged in a large semi-circle in front of the King’s Throne. Following a brief, fun-filled interactive ceremony with an actor playing the role of the Virgin King, decorative Virgin Certificates will then be handed out to participants after the ceremony. The event will take place on the beach at the Secret Harbour Beach Resort.

Kirsten, together with Bruce Flamon of FLAMON TAXI & ISLAND TOURS, will greet Travel agent called Jomfru Reiser (Virgin Travel) from Norway, who is coming to St. Thomas next week with a group of 40 women to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Virgin Travel. Virgin Travel with founder and CEO Charlotte Ehde-Eliassen, has been voted Business Woman of the Year 2011.

The tour operator and this group of tourists will be the first focus group to test the “King of the Virgins” concept before it is processed into a regular event says Kirsten Marie Holmen.

Kirsten also works closely with Bravo Tours which arranges travel tours directly from Denmark to the Danish West Indies and she hope to bring many customers from Norway whom can bring business to hotels, restaurants and excursions as well as duty free shops in many of unique shops and boutiques in the capital, Charlotte Amalie.

Contact: Kirsten-Marie Holmen, Magic Ice Inc., St. Thomas
Phone: (340) 422-1581

A new High Quality Theme-Based Entertainment for Women Tourists

The Virgin Ceremony

Event Title: King of the Virgins

Run-Down: A fun-filled “fantasy” experience for women on the beach. Based on a theatrically themed event expressly designed for individual customer participation and involvement. Women (customers). Once all participating women are registered, they are then ushered to the “stage area” (aka the “Throne Pavilion”) and arranged in a large semi-circle in front of the King’s Throne.

Virgin Certificate will be handed out after the ceremony

This will take place at Secret Harbour

Ideally located in the beautiful US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Secret Harbour offers the perfect Caribbean getaway for those guests seeking a spectacular experience, as well as relaxing and exciting day.

Direct Flights to the Danish West Indies

Wednesday, 12 October eased Bravo Tours first direct flight to the former Danish West Indies. Virgin trip to Virgin Islands (U.S. Virgin Islands), which is their correct name today, when they are part of the U.S., was sold out, and many Danes have booked a trip to the Danish past the coming winter.

With a historic Danish history, paradise beaches, cheap shopping, great climate and a sea of ​​water, land and air activities, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John a dream destination for many Danes. A dream which has now become easier, cheaper and much faster to satisfy, and we welcome the Director of the Danish West Tourist in Denmark, Karin Gert Nielsen.

“It is fantastic that our Caribbean history is now within reach for many Danes. With Bravo Tours direct flights, it has become a manageable journey where it previously required an overnight stay on the road and often over 20 hours of travel to reach paradise. I can only speak for the many Danes who have already ordered tickets: Rejoice! The islands are wonderful and the people are warm, hospitable and love the Danes, in spite of our little black past “explains Karin Gert Nielsen.

From the second November, also of Copenhagen go directly to the Danish West Indies, when Bravo Tours in collaboration with Albatros Travel sends the first Danes off on a fantastic holiday with a week’s stay at St. Croix, followed by a week’s cruise in the Caribbean archipelago

New App for Smartphones, Guides for Magic Ice and the Islands

Tourism Council is launching the first official smartphone app for St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas to help and inspire visitors. Users can plan their trip well in advance, and access the latest information on activities and attractions on the islands and see photos of the paradise that awaits them. App called ‘My Virgin Islands’, is free and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and Blackberry smartphones.